Based out of Vancouver Washington.

I love goofing around, laughing, and I’m a great mix of calm and fun (which is handy for putting people at ease). I don't take anything too seriously, besides documenting your memories. 

Becoming a legacy photographer was a no brainer for me, I can’t imagine saying goodbye to my wedding couples after they say “I do”. So being the photographer they reach out to as their family grows year after year is such a gift. I truly believe that the friendship I build with my clients results in photos they cherish for a lifetime, because if they trust the photographer they work with, their photos will feel like home.

Brittany Forgette, a Wedding & Family Photographer.

Enough about Photography, let's talk about me!

I am a mama of two sweet little knuckle heads Benjamin and Eleanor, and I have two dog-kids Charlee + Karl. I met my husband Steven in high school and we’ve been stuck together like glue ever since. 

I’m a high energy storyteller, and I’m not just talking about taking photos. Get me started on a funny story and you will see me light up with every word.
“I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite”-Elf

I love camping in the spring & summer, and enjoy a good book after I put my kids down for bed. I am as loyal as they come and value my friendships over most things. I listen to true crime podcasts on my way to my sessions. Morbid listen to it, it’s gold. I am always down for an adventure as long as someone brings sour gummy worms I’m in! 

random fact 01

I am a Libra & a type 7 enneagram

random fact 02

I'm married to my high school sweetie.

random fact 03

I could eat pizza every single day 

Are you ready to start capturing your legacy?