Anywho, I'm a tall glass of water at almost 6'2". Lover of tattoos, my parents probably think I just like to draw attention to myself, but I think being as tall as a WNBA player does that for itself, don't you think?

I love goofing around, laughing, and I’m a great mix of calm and fun (which is handy for putting people at ease). I don't take anything too seriously, besides documenting your memories. Documenting people’s stories is what I truly love to do, and I’ve worked really, really hard at learning the art of photography and the art of noticing what others don't, so I can capture the most beautiful moments for my clients.

1,2,3 all about Beeee! - I love a good nickname. I go by Brittany, Britt, Bee, and Bridgette... yes people call me Bridgette... if you put Brittany and Forgette together, it makes Bridgette.

I have been practicing photography since 2007 and photographed my first wedding in 2010. Let's just say it wasn't my sister's wedding, okay?

In 2015, I opened Forgette Photography. It was finally time for me to turn my hobby into a reality. Becoming a legacy photographer was a niche I feel into, I loved capturing my clients weddings, and then seeing them again as their family grew filled my cup.
I discovered that the way I connect with my clients is similar to how I connect with friends. I get attached and thankfully, so do they. Being the photographer my clients reach out to year after year is absolutely wild and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

By doing what I do, my clients never have to worry about finding a new photographer for their next session. They know they will receive high-quality work, and the session will be familiar, comfortable, and free of awkwardness. It's a gift for both them and me.

random fact 01

I am a Libra & a type 7 enneagram

random fact 02

I'm married to my high school sweetie.

random fact 03

I could eat pizza every single day 

Are you ready to start capturing your legacy?