It allows me to understand your story, see your growth, and what matters to you. What habits and hobbies do you guys enjoy together, what quirks and inside jokes do you guys have? Establishing a real relationship allows me to share your story in an authentic way because... well, I know you authentically. There will be no looking at photographs that really don't feel like you or your family, but instead authentic photographs that spark emotion, and memories. Like 'Do you remember she would always make that face?' 'Do you remember when he was obsessed with this?' This isn't a smile and pose type of deal, but truly capturing  your family, from beginning to end.
Below you will see all I offer as well as package pricing. Reach out through my contact tab with any questioins!

Establishing a deep connection with my clients isn’t just great for putting you at ease, but great for telling your story.

Do I sound a little bit.. Well, full of myself? Okay, yes maybe a little bit but that’s only because I know I am not just blowing smoke up your.. you know what. Pinky promise.

Nervous about getting photos done? Well who wouldn’t be!

The answer is simple, you've never worked with me..

The whole process of getting your picture taken can sometimes be pretty stressful and intimidating. Lots of folks have a hard time figuring out what to wear, how to pose, and what to do with their hands, and that can make them feel pretty self-conscious and awkward. On top of that, worrying about kids acting up or a partner who hates being photographed can make people think twice about booking a photoshoot. It's not uncommon for people to have had a bad experience with a previous photoshoot, which can leave them feeling down and not really wanting to give it another shot.

With husbands, wives, and partners, I take the time to really get to know them by asking about their jobs or finding common interests. I pay attention to their expressions and body language during certain poses, which helps me understand the poses they're comfortable with.

But here's the most important thing: I never push anything. During your session, we won't be shooting the whole time. We'll also be walking, chatting, and getting to know each other. I'll guide you with poses and give clear instructions, so you won't feel lost during the session. I'll be there for you every step of the way.

 Within a few minutes of just casual chit-chat from your car to the location, I can kinda sense the kind of person my clients are. This helps me understand the type of poses they'll be into and whether they'll need more guidance during our session.

When I'm working with kids, I totally embrace the chaos and capture some awesome photos of them just being themselves. By letting kids be all natural and not forcing a smile, I'm able to capture real smiles and moments between everyone involved.

I totally embrace the chaos

I have this weird ability to read people

i pay attention

I never push

60 mins session
within 1 hour RADIUS of VANCOUVER



After the session, your kids will be tired but happy from playing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery. Your photo gallery will be ready within 3 weeks of the session date.

60 mins

The Forgette Photo PNW Family Session.

$1,000 + sales tax for WA residents.
Duration: 60-90 minutes.



I absolutely love the Oregon coast for family photos. Most kids are happier at the coast, and I feel the same way! It brings out the best in you and your kids if you all love the beach. The sessions are focused on play and capturing your family bonding over a shared love of our beautiful coastline.

60 mins

Oregon Coast with Forgette Photo

$3,800 + sales tax for Wa Residents
8 hours of coverage on your wedding day
Engagement photos
Photo timeline assistance
Images ready within 6 weeks of your wedding day
Option to add a second shooter



8 hours

The Forgette Photo Wedding Package

Starting at $2,600
3 hours of shooting.



Getting married but don't want all the attention a wedding brings? Elopements are perfect for that! Lets get ya married off a cliff in the Gorge, or in the sand at the Oregon coast. I can be a witness too! 

3 hours


 $1,500 + sales tax for Wa residents.
If you prefer to book the sessions separately, the cost for each session is $850.

Bumbp to Bundle


The payment is split into two instalments: one before the maternity session and one before the newborn session. Maternity photos are typically taken around 34 weeks of pregnancy, while newborn photos are taken when the baby is around 3 weeks old.

60 mins

Maternity + Newborn

Are you here for your upcoming wedding? Right on! 

With my laid-back approach to shooting and killer sense of humor, working with me is easy from the start. I offer an easy online booking site for you to pick your date and time without the hassle of back-and-forth emails. Once your session is scheduled with me, you will receive a welcome guide to help prepare you for your photo shoot. It includes location options, tips on what to wear, and tricks on how to make sure your kids are excited for the session. Right from the moment we meet outside our cars at your session, I act like we're long-time friends. I start joking around with you and your other half and chit-chat with you all the way to our location.

Everything I just said is true for you too, but to book with me, reach out through my contact tab, and we will schedule a FaceTime call to meet face to face so you can find comfort that I'm not a creep and am who I say I am (and vice versa LOL). After a meet and greet, you'll get a welcome guide with your contract, and we will schedule your engagement photos and make some magic together!

An experience you won’t Forgette… see what I did there? *Crickets* Okay okay, let’s get to the info.

Ready to gain a new life long friend?

Brittany has been our family photographer for years! From the beginning she helps answer all of your questions or concerns, like the locations, how she pictures the photoshoot would go, what to wear, how to pose, etc. She LITERALLY takes care of all that! During the photoshoot the time goes by so quickly because everybody is involved and having a great time, there's no stress on how to pose or what to do. Her guidance and personality makes anybody smile, makes you feel like it was an effortless shot

My husband and I have hired Brittany on three occasions now, and I’m confident that we’ll be seeking to hire her for every photo occasion. She makes the whole process incredibly easy & comfortable, from styling advice, to selecting a location and guiding you with effortless poses at the session. I never knew I could feel this comfortable and confident in having photos taken until working with Brittany. And I couldn’t have imagined how much my husband would enjoy working with her, too (he enjoys the process as much as I do!

But don't just take my word for it..

She has taken our photos on several occasions over the last few years and we leave each time raving about how amazing she is. She is fun and welcoming, she works quickly, she will get down and roll around playing with your children to get a smile all while somehow managing to get the perfect shot. She has photographed some of the most special moments of my life and delivered back to me more than I could have asked for each time. We are constantly trying to sell her to our friends or even strangers that mention they need family photos. I could never recommend her enough

Brittany has photographed some of my biggest life moments thus far! She's done our engagement pictures, wedding, next day bridal shoot, and even our new puppy! I would recommend her ten times over, and have friends and family. She's great to work with, she has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable because god knows not everyone likes getting their picture taken (my husband included) but she has a way of making you laugh and capturing these amazing pictures that make me smile over and over again. I am so glad I've had her by our side through some big moments, and we can't wait to keep adding to our collection of memories by having her photograph them

Are you ready to get booked in? *Happy dances* Heck yeah! 

My booking link is all over my website, so you won't have any trouble finding it. When you click on the link, you'll see my schedule for 2024 and you can pick a date that works best for you. No need for endless emails to check availability. Just choose a date, pay the retainer, and boom, you're all set!

Once you've booked, I'll send you an email with all the important stuff. You'll get your contract, the remaining invoice (which you don't have to worry about until the day of your session), and a super helpful welcome guide. This guide has everything you need to know to get ready for your session. We're talking about styling tips, location suggestions, what to expect, and it should answer most of your questions. But hey, if you still have any lingering questions, don't hesitate to reach out and ask. I'm here to make sure this session is exactly what you want, so we can customize it to your preferences. And don't worry, I'll be with you every step of the way. Let's capture those special moments with your family!