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Why you need to book a motherhood session this year with your photographer.

Mamma, do me a favor, open up your phone and see how many images you have in your camera roll, and look how many photos you have with your kids that are print worthy. For me a lot of the images of me with the kids are blurry, at an odd angle and lazily taken by a family member or even my well meaning husband. I am going to be so honest, I have been a photographer throughout my whole parenthood journey and I don’t have nearly as many as I should either. My husband on the other hand has dozens though out the years, this isn’t his fault I am just constantly wanting to remember all these stages. I have always been a nostalgic person so capturing all the moments together is a priority.

From the time I can remember I have enjoyed flipping through photo albums, seeing photos of my sister and I as children running through the sprinkler. Photos of my cousins and I laying in the grass stacked on top of one another to make a pyramid or images of us all open gifts on Christmas day. I have those images burned into my memories at this point because of the joy they have brought me.

The spring of my senior year of high school my mom tasked me with sitting down together and picking out images for my photo board to hang at my graduation party. I became upset that I had almost no images with my mom outside of a few low quality selfies I took on a 2008 point and shoot camera. We had never ever gotten family photos taken outside of a set we got done in 1993, and therefore I have almost nothing with my mother throughout my childhood outside of a few candids. Don’t get me wrong I love a good candid photo, they’re nostalgic and grainy and beautiful in their own way. But not having photos with my mom through out my childhood is something I will mourn when she is no longer with us.

I have made sure that I personally get good quality images with my kids every year, and I make sure that I get images of just myself with them as well. I want photos for my daughter to look back on when she has children of her own to see our similarities. To see her mother embracing this chapter of life and not running and hiding from the camera over any insecurities I may of had. So if not for you get thee images for them.

Every year I host motherhood minis, they’re 15 minutes of capturing snuggles between you and all your children and images of you individually with each one. They are some of my favorite images throughout the years, and something I really encourages all my clients to book at least once. It’s a day to celebrate just the moms and the beautiful humans they brought into this world.

Why you need to book a motherhood session this year with your photographer.

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January 4, 2024

As a family legacy photographer, I have the privilege of capturing a wide range of special moments. From the joyous occasion of weddings, to the heartwarming moments of families coming together, I am there to document it all. I believe that every moment, big or small, contributes to the beautiful legacy that my clients are creating. One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is capturing the love and excitement on my clients' wedding days. It's a day filled with emotions and precious memories, and I am honored to be a part of it.

What's up? I'm Brittany – I’m someone who appreciates sunsets, enjoys coffee, loves books, and is a mother of two.