Summer family photos, Portland Oregon, Fort Worth Texas, golden hour, what to wear

How I help my clients figure out what to wear

Finding a family photographer can feel overwhelming but figuring out what to wear is a whole different problem once the session is booked. I know this pain well, because this is literally my job.. to help my clients figure out what to wear, but I catch myself questioning my own choices when I have to dress my own family for photos. It’s just intimidating to pick an outfit that will be forever remembered in printed images!

Summer family photos, what to wear for spring pictures, portland oregon photographer, wild flowers, golden hour

I know everyone is saying neutrals are the ticket…

But I promise they are on to something. Yup I am a sad beige mom as my best friend calls me. LOL but there is some reasoning to this beige madness. It makes you the star of the show and not your clothes, and its timeless. A white, or cream dress will always look good no matter how styles evolve over time, it compliments the colors around you in nature and allows for us to focus just on your sweet faces!

Summer family photos, Portland Oregon, Fort Worth Texas, golden hour, what to wear

Now I’m not saying NO to color.

I love color, I haven’t been completely convinced that neutral is the only choice but I tell my clients color is fine, but try and go with more muted colors. Summer colors are naturally pinks, yellows, greens etc. Go for light pinks, pale yellows and sage greens. This will compliment almost any back drop and not draw too much attention to just one person in the group. Below is a great example on how to add texture, pattern and colors to your spring & summer family photos this year.

Basic rules to follow:

-Clean/ fresh kicks. No running shoes

-Multiple people in pants? Mix up the textures and colors. try and stray away from the same shades of pants or shorts.

-Found a cute patterned dress? take colors from that patterned dress and dress the rest of the group in complimentary colors

-bring a hair brush and extra clothes JUST in case. Kids are full of surprises!

And in the case of doubt, message ya photographer and ask for their advice! They are there to help!

How I help my clients figure out what to wear

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January 6, 2024

As a family legacy photographer, I have the privilege of capturing a wide range of special moments. From the joyous occasion of weddings, to the heartwarming moments of families coming together, I am there to document it all. I believe that every moment, big or small, contributes to the beautiful legacy that my clients are creating. One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is capturing the love and excitement on my clients' wedding days. It's a day filled with emotions and precious memories, and I am honored to be a part of it.

What's up? I'm Brittany – I’m someone who appreciates sunsets, enjoys coffee, loves books, and is a mother of two.